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Perhaps you have an antique pearl necklace in your jewelry collection. Maybe your mother or grandmother passed it down to you. You already know that it has great sentimental value, but you've been wondering how much you can get for it. Antique pearl jewelry can be worth a considerable amount of money, depending on many factors. Pearl size, age, type, quality, and luster are important components in determining what grandma's antique pearl necklace value is.

So you have this fabulous strand of handed down pearls. Whether it's an antique seed pearl necklace or a multi-strand Akoya pearl necklace, you'll want to have it appraised. Not only are you curious about how much the pearl necklace is worth, but you'll need the value to adequately put the right amount of insurance on it, should the necklace get damaged or lost. Or maybe you just want to sell it and get some cash. Coin Mart Jewelry will pay top dollar for your pearl jewelry.

One of the most, if not the most important thing about getting an accurate valuation is to bring your antique pearls to someone qualified in the field. A certified gemologist is usually a great person to start with. At Coin Mart Jewelry, we have specific knowledge about what to look for and how to fairly value your antique pearl necklace. You don't bring Pearls to your everyday scrap jewelry buyer. You need expert Jewelers like Coin Mart Jewelry. So now that you know who should look at your antique pearls, you're probably wondering what they are specifically going to look for. An example is, the condition of your pearls is taken into consideration. Being that the pearl necklace is antique, normal wear is expected to be seen on the piece. However, if the pearl necklace is badly damaged (i.e. chipped pearls), this could considerably devalue the piece. Not only that, but if harsh cleaning chemicals were used, the price may also be significantly less than a necklace in its original condition.

  Rarity of the pearl necklace is also a key factor. Antique pearl necklaces come from a plethora of time periods. Many pieces are one of a kind, ensuring their desirability. Not only that, but signed or designer pieces can also command higher prices. Antique pearl necklaces from Jewelry Designers would be worth more than an unknown piece that wasn't signed. We pay premiums for quality pearls and larger sizes. To find out what we will pay for your Pearls bring them in today!

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